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"Overcoming poverty is not a task of charity; it is an act of justice.”

"A rating by Charity Navigator enables organizations to help more people turn their values, passions and beliefs into meaningful change and impact. Charity Navigator provides the data, ratings and advice that cut through the noise, making it easy to make informed choices that turn intent into action. Because whether it’s money, time, expertise, information or material goods, there are more ways not just to believe, but to act."

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ILAD’s Dallas Business Development Center promotes human flourishing by guiding entrepreneurial refugees to become credit worthy business owners. The package of refugee specific skills and network building services allows participants to achieve financial confidence and credit-worthiness enabling them to acquire funding and launch businesses.

In Togo, millions of people living in rural areas do not have access to clean water. Villages in our service area rank access to clean water as their number one need. ILAD is partnering with a Togolese businessman to run a socially responsible, for-profit well drilling company that will provide approximately six rural wells annually from the proceeds of the business.

ILAD’s projects among a Nomadic community in the Middle East include equipping women with the knowledge they need for family planning and infant care, skills in jewelry making and handicrafts to economically provide for their families, and the ability to read and write for the first time.

From organic pineapple farming to crop diversification, animal husbandry, and more, the Togo Agricultural Development Program is having a positive impact on thousands of rural Togolese farmers. Those who used to be subsistence farmers, now earn enough profit on their goods to send their kids to school, get medicine when needed, and help their friends and neighbors.

HLT is the place where spoken language intersects with computer programs and electronic devices. For languages that are not currently digitally supported, meaning no internet content in their language, no google translate for their language, no opportunity for education in their language, HLT offers an on ramp. ILAD is working on the cutting edge of this technology and artificial intelligence to provide tools for speakers of languages who would otherwise be cut off from the technology we take for granted every day.

“Libraries” – trunks filled with books written in the local language of this West African ethnic group have been established in 18 villages across two countries. These libraries are operated by the villages, and are free for anyone wanting to read to learn. Because of the availability of information in their language, some of these villages now have schools, clinics, and literacy groups.

The Rohingya are a group of refugees that have been persecuted, denied education, the opportunity to work, and citizenship in any country. When they arrive as refugees to the US, they need support and services tailored to their specific situation. ILAD’s Rohingya program partners with them  to provide trauma informed interventions to help them become successful members of the United States.

The Togo Business Development Center gives budding entrepreneurs the tools they need to start or scale profitable businesses. Many Togolese know a trade, but need to understand basic business principles and have support as they launch and run their business. ILAD helps entrepreneurs succeed.

The Women’s Literacy project in rural Togo is a self-replicating model of education for women who were unable to attend school and never learned to read or write. These women are taught literacy, and those who excel are trained as literacy facilitators to go to another village to teach. Many women can now help their children with homework, read directions, understand medications, and learn new things.



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