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Human Language Technology

What is Human Language Technology?

Human Language Technology is the place where spoken language intersects with computer programs and electronic devices. 

Think of all the information available online as a super highway. The apps we use, the programs we run, and the devices we have are all onramps to that highway of knowledge. Now imagine that none of it was in English. Beyond that, imagine not having a keyboard written in the script we know. For millions of people around the world, this is the situation.

 ILAD is developing digital tools that will give these communities online access to the information and markets we take for granted. Not only that, these communities will now be able to engage in the global conversation, adding their stories, knowledge, and wisdom to the information highway and in so doing, preserving their language, culture, and traditions.

Watch how HLT is helping preserve oral languages by bringing them online and allowing them to join the global conversation.

Why HLT Matters

  • Our ability to communicate connects us and enables us to help one another
  • Access to critical information
  • Opportunity to engage in the global conversation
  • Entrance into economic markets
  • Access to education
  • Ability to communicate in urgent situations
  • Opportunity to preserve language, culture & knowledge

How ILAD works to improve access & increase opportunities