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Togo Business Development Brings Clean Water to Rural Togo

Region: West Africa
Competency: Business Development

The first of Togo BDC completed the three phases in the spring of 2022. From this inaugural class, businesses were created in cocoa & cocoa powder production, mushroom farming, legal counseling & assistance services, medicinal products and well drilling.

The Well Drilling Business, known as Forages sans Frontiers (Wells without Borders) is a prime example of the types of businesses that not only earn a profit, but also provide real tangible benefits to their own community. Forages sans Frontiers is a socially responsible, for-profit well drilling company owned by ILAD Togo and run by a Togolese businessman that provides free rural wells from the profits earned on paid wells. Since clean water is a huge problem in Togo, this business is meeting a big need. The additional benefit is that the man running the company understands the customs and culture, which enables him to work within villages to establish a system for maintaining and repairing the well. He is also available to continue relationships with villages and check on the functionality of the well and the impact it is having on the community.

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