Human Language Technology

What is Human Language Technology?

Imagine experiencing the devastation of a natural disaster like a hurricane or earthquake. Villages reduced to rubble and people frantically trying to help the trapped and injured. You desperately need to communicate with the aid agencies who arrive from other countries, but no one speaks your language. Human Language Technology (HLT) is a form of artificial intelligence that uses computers to translate one language into another, so that people can understand one another and access information they do not currently have in their language.

Why Translation?

Because Communication Matters!

Our ability to communicate connects us and enables us to help one another.

  • During natural disasters or humanitarian crises, communication is essential for accurate and efficient aid to be administered.

  • As families flee oppression and war and resettle in foreign countries or camps, communication is essential for helping them understand new systems of life as they assimilate to their new environment.

  • Communication is critical for securing information such as healthcare, basic education, and economic opportunities.

Equally as important, communication preserves languages and cultures, and invites the exchange of ideas and knowledge.

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