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What is Agribusiness?

Agribusiness touches each stage of our food chain from farm to fork, with much of the world’s food originating from small farms in rural communities. Unfortunately, in many countries, small-scale farmers face substantial obstacles that hinder them from earning an adequate profit on their goods and labor.

The Problem

The Solution

  • Lack of information regarding best farming practices, techniques, and environmental safety
  • Exclusion from fair markets
  • Limited fi nancial resources to acquire land and implement new techniques
  • Small-scale farmers lack the critical mass and economic power to eff ectively shape the marketplace
  • Equipping farmers with skills, practices, and tools necessary to grow crops using responsible and environmentally safe methods

  • Working in partnership to provide access to markets through the creation of local distribution channels if channels do not currently exist

  • Improving the fairness of markets

  • Offering financial services, including micro-lending and savings

How ILAD works to improve access & increase opportunities

Research local conditions to identify FAVORABLE CROPS

Provide training in TECHNIQUES and BEST PRACTICES

Identify and stimulate MARKET OPPORTUNITIES

Innovate and refine PRODUCTION


through co-ops


Develop LOCAL LEADERS who drive the community forward

Long-term community CHANGE